Evelyn Nojd

Music is an important part of life, and the ability to participate in musical endeavours brings joy and a sense of accomplishment for those involved.  Although learning music is a discipline, the process should involve fun and a connection to community.

Evelyn Nojd has been teaching since 1988.  This music studio offers Music for Young Children (MYC) classes, as well as private piano lessons, and theory lessons and classes.

Workshops are part of the learning process, and are held 3 or 4 times a year, as part of the curriculum for private students according to level.  This provides an opportunity to perform, participate in a group learning atmosphere and a social time to get to know other music students.  There are 3 concerts per year for all students - both private and MYC students;  2 in a long-term care facility, and a year-end concert for family and friends in a larger venue.  Other opportunities are provided through ORMTA-associated events, workshops and awards.

Make music, make connections, enjoy!

13 Lakefield Rd.
Brampton, Ontario
L7A 1W5
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