Esther Ng’s Music Studio

We provide good quality music education in Mississauga to student by blending the pleasure and the joy of music making with sound instruction in using the Music for Young Childrenprogram, Royal Conservatory of Music's Classical study and the Conservatory of Canada's Contemporary study.

The studio is located in Mississauga.  We believe that music builds a child's intelligence and confidence.  Music lessons has lots of benefits: develop motor skills and good memory, teaches self-discipline, concentration and cooperation, build their power of attention, and abstract thinking.  The discipline of learning to make music proves to be a major factor in the students’ success in all aspects of life. We teach: 

  • Note & Sight Reading 
  • Music History & Theory
  • Harmonizing a melody line
  • Composition & Conducting
  • Movement & Rhythms
  • Ear Training & Singing
  • Keyboarding/piano playing skills

"Ms. Esther is a great music teacher! Kids enjoy each moment in the class especially with her method of teaching music which include songs,dancing and stories told. In the class Music is not just about learning notes, it's about spending time enjoying music and simply introduce the new lesson. The studio is really nice!  Thanks miss Esther, she is amazing and all kids love her."  (Valera Mikhail, mother of two Level 1 students.)

Mrs. Esther Ng's Music Background:

  • RCM®​ Advanced Specialist - Piano designation
  • Grade 10 RCM®​ 
  • BMath, Honor (Music) 
  • Choir director/conductor
  • Rock Band Keyboard player performed internationally
  • Music for Young Children® Certified teacher

"The teacher is knowledged in the field of music and piano and has a good teaching style for the students to easily follow and understand. The teacher took extra efforts and additional 1:1 for the students who were taking the theory and practical exams. This really paid off and helped all the students in the final score. Kudos to the teacher a job well done." (Elizabeth Vaidhyan, parents of Level 8 & Level 6)

For more information, please visit:

Tacc Drive
Mississauga, ON
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