Theory & History

Our Theory and History syllabus outlines requirements for these examinations, which are designed to enhance and enrich student's practical instrumental or vocal study. Theory 1 - 3 focuses on rudiments, laying the foundation for the study of harmony in Theory 4 - 7. History consists of Grades 5 - 7 and covers all historical periods, from Medieval through to the 20th Century.

These courses are all co-requisite with practical examinations starting at Grade / Level 5 and are required to obtain practical certificates as well as high school credits. Conservatory Canada publishes companion workbooks for Theory 1 - 4.

New!  Theory 1, 2 and 3 can now be split into two partial exams.  Students register for each partial separately and have one year to complete the second partial after attempting the first. For a list of topics that are included in each partial for Theory 1, 2 and 3, download the syllabus listed below.

Theory / History Co-Requisites

Grade 5Theory 1
Grade 6Theory 2
Grade 7Theory 3
Grade 8Theory 4
Grade 9Theory 5 / History 5 or 6
Grade 10Theory 6 / History 5 and 6
ACCMTheory 7A and B / History 7 / (Pedagogy)

Syllabi Downloads