Our graduate diplomas include the “Associate in Music”, designated ACCM or Associate of Conservatory Canada in Music and the Licentiate in Music, or LCCM.  They ACCM is designed to study after Grade 10 practical with the LCCM providing an extra step beyond the ACCM.  We offer an ACCM in "Performance" for Piano, Voice, and Guitar; ACCM in "Teaching" for Piano and Voice; as well as LCCM in Piano, Voice, and Guitar.  Co-requisites for our Diplomas include Theory 7 (A) and (B), History 7 and Written Pedagogy (for ACCM in Teaching).

The ACCM requirements for Piano were revised in November 2022 to include updates that better reflect the 2018 Piano syllabus revisions for Grades 1-10. We have broadened the repertoire choices and clarified some of the skills requirements. All students taking the ACCM Piano examination (Teacher's and Performers) in 2022-23 need to follow these new requirements.

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