Contemporary Idioms™ Piano

Our innovative Contemporary Idioms™ syllabus for Piano uses contemporary genres repertoire (Rock, Pop and Jazz styles) as well as novel new tests for building technique, sight reading, ear training and improvisational skills.  We offer teacher resources to help teachers both learn and teach these new requirements as well as require the use of the American Popular Piano Series "Etudes" books for studying the improvising requirements. These exams offer the same accreditation for high school credits with various provincial ministries of education as our Classical exams.

The syllabus is available by clicking the link below, as well as the latest version of the Contemporary Repertoire List.  You can also download the American Popular Piano Etudes backing tracks by opening the folders and clicking the links to each Etude below.


Syllabi Downloads

Tutorial Videos

Improvisation: Getting Started with American Popular Piano Etudes 
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Improv: 12 Bar Blues (APP Level 2) 
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Contemporary Idioms Piano Syllabus Overview Webinar 
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APP Tracks