Classical Piano

Our new Classical Piano syllabus (2018) features a blend of traditional classical forms with flexibility to choose contemporary repertoire.  Skills include sight reading, ear training, technique, keyboard skills (harmonization) and background questions to encourage and broadly assess musicianship.  All of our examinations  provide a nationwide system for evaluation and accreditation offering high school credit with various provincial ministries of education.

View our latest blog post on the release of the new syllabus here

Below you will find an updated Rules and Regulations document which includes an Introduction as well as a document outlining our Recital Assessment program.

To view the requirements for our Associate Piano exams, please click here.

Syllabi Downloads

Tutorial Videos

Classical Piano Syllabus Webinar 
Download Transcript
Keyboard Harmony Grades 4-5 Overview 
Download Transcript
Keyboard Harmony Grade 6 
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Keyboard Harmony Grades 7-8