New Partial Theory Exams

Students can now take Theory 1, 2 and 3 as partial exams!  In order to help student’s complete these co-requisite exams, students now have the option of focusing their learning into smaller units.  Each level has been divided into two distinct halves, roughly according to the order of concepts presented in the Theory for Students workbooks, each worth 50 marks.  The questions on each half will be different from the exam given to students registering to complete the whole exam in one sitting, and students will have one year to complete the second partial, after completing the first.

Students must register for each partial individually, just as they would for practical exam partials.  Fees are listed on the registration form, or on our Exam information page.

The questions on the upcoming Theory exams (including partials) will closely resemble questions posed on recent examinations. Past exams are available for download from our Teacher Resources.

The breakdown of topics for each partial are listed here:

Theory partials topics