New Digital Badge Assessments

In keeping with our mission to foster musical talent and potential, Conservatory Canada Digital Badges allow students to measure their progress and achievement in a way that is recreational, inclusive and accessible. Building on our experience with eExams, the submission process for digital badges is entirely online, and relies on students’ submitted recordings, rather than live performances. The commitment required for earning a digital badge is more flexible and open-ended than the traditional exam, allowing students more control over the process.

The new digital badges are designed to give all students the opportunity to measure their success and get unbiased feedback on their music-making. It is not meant to replace the traditional certificate exam, but can serve as a stepping-stone to that end if they choose. The badges are intended to motivate students and instill in them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. They are a perfect alternative for students that don’t have the time to commit to a full certificate exam, but want the challenge of working toward a goal at any level.

After registering for a digital badge in their student portal, students then pre-record (both video and audio) three pieces of repertoire over a period of time to be submitted for evaluation. Once satisfied with their final recordings, sharing links are uploaded through their student portal after which an examiner will listen and provide helpful comments in the form of an adjudication while awarding a Gold, Silver or Bronze standing. Students will be issued the appropriate digital badge as part of the feedback, which they can use however they like.

Digital Badges are currently available for Piano Repertoire only, but forthcoming badges will be launched soon to include Voice Repertoire and other instruments. Click here to view the full syllabus for Piano Repertoire Digital Badges.

You can also view our webinar which provides an overview and discussion about Digital Badges on our CCTV YouTube channel.