Flex Exams and eExams

How do I register for a Flex exam or eExam?

1) Complete and submit an exam application via the student portal, selecting the Flex option.

2) Contact registrar@conservatorycanada.ca to schedule your Flex or eExam. You will be asked to provide your requested exam dates and proctor contact information (for Flex Theory exams). Please register at least two weeks prior to your requested exam dates.

Is it possible to take a Flex Theory Exam?

Absolutely! Students can arrange to take any Theory exam when they are ready. You will need to arrange for your own presiding officer to receive the exam paper by email and return it by mail. This person will oversee the examination in a quiet place that you and your teacher find appropriate.

What is the difference between a Flex exam and an eExam?

Flex exams are either practical or theoretical exams that take place with an in-person examiner or presiding officer. They can both be arranged at your convenience. eExams are practical exams where you are connected to the examiner over the internet using a computer with Skype and Internet Midi software to connect two electronic keyboards. The examiner is able to hear exactly what you play, in real time on their keyboard. Conservatory Canada provides you with the software to install on your computer, and you play on a modern electronic keyboard that has the ability to connect to a computer using a USB cable.

Syllabi / changes / substitutions

Are the 1999 syllabi still in effect or are there new ones available?

For Classical exams, the 1999 syllabi are still in effect. You may notice that in newer printings, the copyright / version date is 2014 – these are still the same versions from 1999. All updates, including revised and forthcoming syllabi will be posted for download online. The latest versions of the Contemporary Idioms syllabi (Piano, Voice, Guitar) can always be found on our website. We will issue notices by email and Facebook when these will change. You can expect an entirely new Contemporary Idioms Piano syllabus in June 2016, which will take effect in September.

My student wants to play a piece on their exam that is not listed on the current repertoire lists. Are substitutions allowed?

Absolutely! You can fill out the Irregular List Approval form found here, and we will appraise your suggested piece for the Grade / Level you request, for FREE! Free approvals are allowed for all disciplines / instruments and voice at all levels. Beginning in September 2016, one piece on your exam may be at any level higher than the level of the exam being taken.


Are there practice Theory exams available?

You can order past Theory exams through your teacher portal, or download them as part of your subscription to our Teacher Resources.

Is there an answer key to the Theory Workbooks or practice exams?

There are currently no answer keys available for the workbooks or past exams. Past exams can be submitted for evaluation for a fee of $30.

Can I transfer Theory credits from another Conservatory?

You can transfer credits from a comparable institution by filling out our Theory Credit Transfer form. Comparable Theory credits available from RCM are available here.

Scheduling / Marks

I was not able to select my exam time when registering. When will I find out when my examination is?

We are only able to offer specific date / time registration in certain centres where numbers allow. You will receive notification of your exam date and time within 6 weeks after the registration deadline for your session.

How can I find out my exam results?

Examination marks are posted in your profile through your student portal between 2-4 weeks after exams are finished in your centre. The comments form will be scanned and uploaded to your profile within 6 weeks after after exams are finished in your centre. You can log into your student profile anytime to check results.