Exam Session Dates and Deadlines

Conservatory Canada offers a variety of examination options.

Seasonal examinations are offered with an in-person examiner at a variety of locations across Canada. New in 2024: Only students that wish to have their exam in-person will register for either the Winter or Spring session. Students preferring an online exam must register for a practical flex eExam, when they are ready. We will be offering in-person exams for the Winter February 2024 session in only a few select centres. If we are unable to offer an in-person examiner at a centre due to low numbers, students in that centre will be given an online exam. We hope to offer in-person exams for our Spring June session in a larger number of centres. We will no longer be offering in-person exams in August, but students can schedule exams on a flex basis throughout the summer and any other time of year. Please reach out to our office to inquire about the potential for in-person exams in your centre. Seasonal, in-person examinations are offered for the following sessions:

2024 Practical Examinations

Winter  February 1-24, 2024 Friday, December 1, 2023
Spring June 1-30, 2024 Friday, March 15, 2024

Flex Theory Exams

Our Flex Theory Exam option allows students to write their theory exams in ANY location convenient for them on ANY day of the year! The exam can be written in any quiet location that the student and teacher feels is appropriate and the exam is administered by a presiding officer of your choice. This option allows us to email the exam to the presiding officer before the scheduled exam time. The presiding officer must have access to the technology required to accommodate the electronic nature of the exams, as we only send them by email and they must be scanned and emailed back.

Register for a Flex Theory Exam through your student portal, providing your preferred data and time a minimum of two weeks before the day you wish to write your exam. It’s that easy! You will need to provide the name, email address, and telephone number of the presiding officer, which can be any responsible adult. Students are permitted to write their exams in any location, such as at home under the supervision of a parent, or their teacher at their teacher’s studio. The presiding officer will need to print the exam, supervise the student while they write, then scan the completed exam as a single PDF file and return it by email. Exams returned in other formats will not be accepted, and stated timelines must be adhered to in order to help guarantee the academic integrity of the process. Exams are sent to presiding officers 2 hours in advance when writing at home, and two days in advance when writing outside the home. Candidates not adhering to all regulations will not have their exam marked, and must re-register to write the exam again.

Practical Flex eExams

Our eExams are practical exams that take place online.  Originally developed for piano exams, we are now able to offer Voice and String eExams.  For a complete description and video featuring our eExam technology, click here. These exams are booked online at least two weeks before your desired date, and at least four weeks before your desired date between May 1 – July 15.

In-person Flex Practical Exams

In some centres where we have an Examiner at “arms length” from the student and teacher, as well access to an appropriate no cost venue, we can schedule in-person exams outside of our seasonal sessions. These exams are booked online, but consultation with our office is recommended in advance. We currently have arrangements to hear flex exams in-person in the following centres:

  • Coquitlam/Greater Vancouver Area, BC
  • Kelowna, BC
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Saskatoon, SK
  • Regina, SK
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • Thunder Bay, ON
  • London, ON
  • Whitby, ON
  • Peterborough, ON
  • Ottawa/Kanata, ON


Flex Exams and eExams

How do I register for a Flex exam or eExam?

  1. Complete and submit an exam application via the student portal, selecting the Flex option.
  2. As a part of registration you will be asked to provide your requested exam dates and proctor contact information (for Flex Theory exams). Please register at least two weeks prior to your requested exam dates (4 weeks prior between May 1 – July 31). If you do not provide 3 dates/times as part of your exam registration, the exam will not be booked.

Is is possible to take a Flex Theory Exam?

Absolutely! Students can arrange to take any theory exam when they are ready. You will need to arrange for your own presiding officer to receive the exam paper by email and return it by mail. This person will oversee the examination in a quiet place that you and your teacher find appropriate.

What is the difference between a Flex exam and an eExam?

Flex exams are either practical or theoretical exams that take place with an in-person examiner or presiding officer. They can both be arranged at your convenience. eExams are practical exams where you are connected to the examiner over the internet using a computer with Zoom and Internet Midi software to connect two electronic keyboards. The examiner is able to hear exactly what you play, in real time on their keyboard. Conservatory Canada provides you information on how to purchase the software to install on your computer, and you play on a modern electronic keyboard that has the ability to connect to a computer using a USB cable.

Zoom exams can be heard on either digital or acoustic pianos, and is the only option for using an acoustic piano.

Syllabi / changes / substitutions

Are the 1999 syllabi still in effect or are there new ones available?

The 1999 Classical syllabi for Piano and Voice were updated in 2018, and are in effect for exams beginning February 1, 2019. These new syllabi are only available online (follow the “Learning tab menu”), and the 1999 requirements found in old hard copies and in the back of the New Millennium Series Repertoire books need to be ignored.  The latest versions of the Contemporary Idioms syllabi (Piano, Voice, Guitar) can always be found on our website. We will issue notices by email and Facebook when changes are made. The latest Contemporary Idioms Piano syllabus was updated in 2016.

My student wants to play a piece on their exam that is not listed on the current repertoire lists. Are substitutions allowed?

Absolutely! Simply send a scanned copy of the score by email to registrar@conservatorycanada.ca, and we will appraise your suggested piece for the grade / level you request, for FREE! Free approvals are allowed for all disciplines / instruments and voice at all levels. Beginning in September 2016, one piece on your exam may be at any level higher than the level of the exam being taken.


Are there practice theory exams available?

You can order past theory exams through both the Student and Teacher Portals, or teachers can download them as part of their subscription to our Teacher Resources page.

Is there an answer key to the Theory Workbooks or practice exams?

There are currently no answer keys available for the workbooks or past exams. Past exams can be submitted for evaluation for a fee of $40.

Can I transfer Theory credits from another Conservatory?

Absolutely! Credits can be transferred from any accredited institution for a small fee. Contact registrar@conservatorycanada.ca for more details.

Scheduling / Marks

I was not able to select my exam time when registering. When will I find out when my examination is?

We are not able to offer specific date / time registration for seasonal exam sessions (February or June exams). You will receive notification of your exam date and time at least 4 weeks prior to your examination date.

How can I find out my exam results?

All examination results are posted on the Student Portal. Examination results for flex examinations are posted within 2-3 weeks of the examination. Results for our traditional exam sessions are posted within 4-6 weeks of the examination date. With our new digital system, we are often able to turn results around in 3 days or less.