All About eExams

eExams take advantage of technology to provide the ultimate in piano exam flexibility!

  • Schedule your exam with only 2 weeks notice throughout the year; 4 weeks notice from May 1 – July 15.
  • Most eExam centres are located in familiar surroundings for the student, such as a teacher’s studio
  • Students or teachers purchase the software from TimeWarp Technologies and we can support you in using it
  • Avoid long drives to the nearest centre for remote locations
  • Students love to interact using technology, without the intimidation of having the Examiner directly in the room

Using Internet Midi software, developed by TimeWarp Technologies (supplied at no cost by Conservatory Canada), we connect two digital keyboards with laptops and the internet (Skype provides the video interface) so that the examiner can hear whatever the student is playing through the examiner’s keyboard and vice versa. The examiner hears the student as if they were in the exam room!

See below for historical videos of our first eExam using the MIDI technology.

The other way to hold a flex practical exam is by using Zoom meeting and acoustic pianos. 70% of our students now hold their exam on a flex basis using either Zoom or the MIDI technology. MIDI exams require the use of a digital piano, while Zoom exams require either a digital or acoustic piano.

Contact us for more information on eExams and to set up your new centre!

The Student

Maggie Kelly is a 14-year-old student from Komoka, Ontario. She has successfully completed Classical and Contemporary Idioms music exams with Conservatory Canada.

The Instructor

Brian Usher is the owner of Alpha Music Services in London, Ontario.  He is a performer, composer, arranger and teacher and a member of the Conservatory Canada Board of Examiners.

The Examiners

Peter Clements is a retired Professor of Music and former Assistant Dean at the Don Wright Faculty of Music, London, Ontario.  He is a member of the Conservatory Canada Board of Examiners.

Victoria Warwick is the former National Executive Director of Conservatory Canada and graduate of the Don Wright Faculty of Music, London, Ontario.  She was responsible for the creation of Conservatory Canada eExams.

Conservatory Canada continues to embrace the benefits of contemporary technology in music learning and the impact of the digital revolution on today’s music students.

With respect to the piano, we acknowledge that digital technology has made and continues to make significant gains in terms of sound, touch, expressiveness and overall performance.

For these reasons we have determined that, for examination purposes at Conservatory Canada, digital pianos that meet specific criteria are enthusiastically endorsed for examination purposes at all grade levels.

We are pleased to certify that several Roland piano models meet Conservatory Canada standards for certification for examination purposes. Details regarding eligible models can be obtained from any Roland dealer store.

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Practical eExam Pricing

Practical eExam Pricing is the same as regular Practical Exam pricing.