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Check out our NEWLY REVISED Contemporary Idioms Syllabus for piano, now in 10 levels!

Revised  November 1st, 2016.

  • All repertoire from the previous syllabus remains the same. Please check the "Contemporary Syllabus Repertoire List 2016" below.
  • There is no crossover period to use the old syllabus, except for students who are completing a second partial this coming year. Students completing a second partial have a choice to use the old or new version. Please contact the office.
  • An Introduction to the new syllabus appears below.
  • Students now use American Popular Piano Etudes books as a manual for fulfilling the new Improvisation requirements.
  • Live online webinars will be available this fall for teachers to learn how to use the new syllabus.

Contemporary Idioms


Canadian Contemporary Repertoire Series

Style List for American Popular Piano 

Guide to Contemporary Idioms - Levels 1, 2 and 3

These books are designed for teachers AND students. They contain lots of helpful pedagogical information for instructors interested in teaching Contemporary Idioms with help on improvisation, lead sheets and technique. They also contain many pages of "practise" for students. Available at your local dealer store.

Syllabus Cross Reference

Teacher Support Materials


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Title Order ID
The Contemporary Keyboardist - Rhythm, Improv & Blues (DVD) HL00320556
A Pianist's Guide to Free Improvisation Volume 1 (DVD) HL00641549
A Pianist's Guide to Free Improvisation Volume 2 (DVD) HL00641550
Amazing Phrasing - 50 Ways to Improve Your Improvisational Skills HL00842030
A Classical Approach to Jazz Piano Improvisation HL00310979
Improvising Blues Piano HL49003248
Christopher Norton - The Easiest Way to Improvise HL48018955
Beginning Jazz Improvisation (Lee Evans) HL00009022
Discovering Blues Improvisation Book 1 (Lee Evans) HL00290619
Discovering Blues Improvisation Book 2 (Lee Evans) HL00290620
An Introduction to Jazz Chord Voicing for Keyboard (Bill Boyd) HL00854100
Intermediate Jazz Chord Voicing for Keyboard (Bill Boyd) HL00290204
Jazz Chord Progressions for Keyboard (Bill Boyd) HL00290486
Master Scale and Chord Guide for Keyboard HL00240525
Picture Chord Encyclopedia for Keyboard HL00290528
The Source HL00240885
The Ultimate Keyboard Chord Book HL00290045

Jazz Chords

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Title Order ID
Jazz Chord Hanon HL00296550
A Classical Approach to Jazz Piano HL00220017
Jazz Piano Voicings HL00310914
Voicings for Jazz Keyboard HL00855475

Fake Book/Lead Sheets

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Title Order ID
Ear Without Fear Volume 1 (Book/CD) HL00220019
How to Get Real with a Fake Book HL00315116
How to Play Chord Symbols in Jazz and Popular Music (Lee Evans) HL00009080
Your First Fake Book HL00240112
The Easy Fake Book HL00240144
The Simplified Fake Book HL00240168


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Title Order ID
Keyboard Cookbook HL00311009
Rock Keyboard HL00310823
10 Miles Davis Classics HL00841645
Amazing Phrasing HL00842030

Miscellaneous Teaching Aids/Reference

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Title Order ID
How to Play from a Fake Book HL00220019
Rhythm Without the Blues (Book/CD) HL00296554
The Perfect Wrong Note HL00331733
The Piano Student's Guide to Effective Practicing HL00296450
The Parent's Guide to Effective Practicing HL00296683
The Chord Wheel HL00695579
Musician's Practice Planner HL00311358
Pocket Music Dictionary HL00183006


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Pattern Play: Create Your Own Music by Akiko and Forrest Kinney Two Streams Press
Pop Piano Pro by Peter Friesen
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