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Cengage Learning.  The new edition of Harmony & Voice Leading is published jointly by Schirmer, and a company called Cengage Learning. 

As support for Harmony & Voice Leading Cengage provides the following support on an internet website:

  • Audio recordings of all repertoire examples in the text.
  • Teaching tips for each chapter, from one of the authors.
  • A sample solution for one student exercise from each chapter, done in several steps with audio recordings.
  • A complete online version of the workbooks (2 volumes).   These are wonderful student exercises, most of which I’ve tested over the past several years, and now they are all available online, as PDF files that can be printed for your students.  (completely legally!)

I have been using these resources throughout the fall with my “beta testers”, and they are really a great resource to have available  I have also contacted Nelson Education Ltd. (The Canadian representative for Cengage Learning) in order to find the best way to make these resources available to our teachers.   Nelson now has a list of email addresses and phone numbers for a number of Conservatory Canada teachers (The list was produced by finding everyone who prepared a student for a senior Theory exam in 2009).  This list of teachers have been set up with an Single Sign On (SSO) account so that they are able to access all of the instructor resources that accompany the text (Harmony & Voice Leading).   To access the site, they must visit here. They will enter their email addresses and their passwords have been set to "assignme".

OK, where do we start?   I hope that a number of you are willing to try these new resources.  My guess is that most of you teach senior Theory courses one-on-one, as I do, and in this case I don’t think it’s essential that the student buy the recommended texts, but considering that both books will be used over three courses, you may decide otherwise.    I find that I can show students important points from the text during the lesson, the can send them home with exercises and handouts for key points.    The books are expensive, and the reading is a little heavy for younger students.   I hope with the support on the E#-club I can help you sort out the essential information. 

In September I purchased the two textbooks, and workbooks for Harmony & Voice Leading from Amazon.  The Canadian prices (rounded off) are:

Aldwell, Schachter & Cadwaller: Harmony & Voice Leading (4th edition)

  • Textbook (ISBN-13:978-0-495-18975-6) - $135
  • Workbook vol. I (ISBN-13:978-1-4390-8325-3) - $83
  • Workbook vol. II (ISBN-13:978-1-4390-8330-7) - $79

Schubert and Neidhöfer: Baroque Counterpoint

  • Pearson Education Ltd. (ISBN 0-13-183442-8) - $100                            

I actually bought the books from the US Amazon website for less, but there was a long wait time and some import duties added.   Check prices from various places, because they change often.  The Harmony and Voice Leading books can also be purchased directly from Nelson, the Canadian representative; their Customer Support number is 1-800-268-2222.   If you decide to purchase the internet package you don`t really need to buy the workbooks, as I found out later.    Nevertheless, some of you may decide that the student should have a “hard copy” of the workbooks.    Amazon currently lists used copies of Harmony & Voice Leading as well as earlier editions of both the text and the workbooks, which are usable, but do not fit so well with the supporting internet materials from Cengage Learning.   Important: you will also find an accompanying CD set listed, as well as various “packages” for text, CDs, and workbooks.   Neither the CDs nor the combined packages are useful if you sign up for the internet materials. 

The internet package from Cengage Learning is listed as:

  • Premium Web Site for Harmony & Voice Leading (ISBN 0495915769) at $109.95.   

Since the workbooks alone (about 400 pages in all) are more than $160 in the hard copy version, I highly recommend subscribing to the website.  

Finally, for those of you who are willing to venture into this brave new world, we will provide continuing support, either through the Conservatory office, or by contacting me directly. 

Written by:
Peter J. Clements
Director of Theoretical Studies
Conservatory Canada
clements [at] uwo [dot] ca


Can you give us a website?
Also, are these one-time purchases?

LaDona Ahenda

These are certainly one-time purchases, and since the 4th edition of Harmony & Voice Leading has just come out this year, I can't imagine there will be another one for many years to come.

Here is a web link to Nelson Education music resources (books and internet):

Peter Clements

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